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Effectiveness Back

  • Increase understanding of testimony

    "Participants who viewed testimony with computer animation recalled information more accurately and in more detail than participants who did not view animation. This finding suggests that providing animation concurrently with verbal explanation is currently the most effective means of communicating complex concepts when compared to traditional forms of presentation."

    Linda C. Morrell, New Technology; Experimental
    Research on the Influence of Computer-Animated
    Display on Jurors, 28 SW. U. L. Rev. 411 (1999)
  • Increase retention of information

  • People will only remember 10% of a presentation of words alone. Adding effective visual support will increase the retention level up to 50%. (Study by the Wharton School of Business).

    Presentations with visual aids are 43% more effective than presentation without visual suppport. (Study by the University of Minnesota).

  • Unify the mental images of the jury

    When listening to oral testimony, each juror will visualize the presentation according to their own understanding. However, when watching an animation, each juror will picture the event in the same way, as described by the expert witness.